The story of The Big Rock Inn is best told by those who remember being here throughout the building's history. And, there have been some stories that, if true, make the Big Rock legendary. A reputation - good and bad – was created over the years. It has evolved with its community. It's a living, breathing entity, and the Regulars find themselves spontaneously uttering, "I love this bar" whenever they gather to simply "shoot the bull" as it were. If you'd like a real history lesson, stop in early and see if Gary is here. He remembers the day the foundation was laid for the building. Old Man Wayne will fill you in from the sixties onward. The building acted as community center, the only building for miles in this desert in 1950. It had a kitchen and once a week, a barber shop. Community members came for weekend dinners. Good friends and neighbors met up and partied hearty, and these are the memories that are still shared at the bar.

Today, friends and neighbors can come for the great food specials, craft beers, and drink specials, as well as BBQ on the weekends and some excellent weekday specials. Flea market every 3rd Saturday, and you can plan your private event at The Big Rock as well. Stop in next time you drive by. Make The Big Rock Inn your community meeting place.